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Welcome to! 
A website where you may find samples of my work and ways to contact me! Thank you for stopping by..!!
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Welcome to my personal website!

Searching for an experienced graphic and 3d artist?

Navigate through my website and find all the useful information 

about the services i provide. I am always in search of new opportunities and cooperations.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you are interested in any of the fields I cover..!

Don't think twice, just explore and contact me!

What you have in mind...

What is your project? A house? A car? Concept design?

What can I model for you?

Whatever a human mind can think, 3d can present it..

See it in reality!!

Technology is here to serve us... With 3d software I can present it, with 3d print I can make it real!

3d architectural presentations

Expert in 2d drawings and 3d renderings, I can create a big variety of architectural illustrations for presentations.

3d modelling 

With 15 years of experience, any 3d model, simple or complex can be created! 

3d printing

With technology evolution, 3d printing is nowadays a must! I can create your model and 3d print it!

Graphic arts

Your logo, banner, flyer, sticker and whatever has to do with 2d graphics can be created and delivered to your space.. 



Dinos Ipiotis

I was born and raised in Syros island, the capital of Cyclades. 3d, technology and art have always amazed me.. When these are combined, stunning results obscure... My work experience sets in Syros, Athens and Montreal as a physical presence and worldwide through internet.

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Dinos Ipiotis

Pagos, Syros (Cyclades), Greece
Thank you for stopping by!
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