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Ipiotis Dinos - CAD technician - 3d modeler - Graphics artist

Welcome to my personal website - portfolio. With over 10 years of experience in the 2d and 3d industry you will find out that I am capable of accomplishing many of your needs regarding graphic arts..!!


I have been using Autocad for more than ten years. My skills  are not oriented in designing, but I have also been teaching Autocad , organising small offices giving them proper workflow. I have also been officially certified for Autodesk's Revit Architectural  


Even if an objects exists or not, it can be modeled in the 3d space. From your dream house to the concept car you may have in mind, 3d is here to serve you, and I am here to bring your idea to life..! Check also my youtube channel to find out several videos I have created!


As a 3d artist, graphic arts is a piece which cannot be ignored. The combination of 2d and 3d graphics always produces stunning results.